LA Marathon!


Six months ago, APIOPA and the Tongan Community Service Center (TCSC), both projects of Special Service for Groups (SSG), took on the challenge of participating in one of Los Angeles’ biggest and most iconic events – the Los Angeles Marathon. It was not only an opportunity to “walk the walk,” engaging a few individuals in living and practicing healthy living, but it was also a way for us to think bigger, by raising funds to run new, innovative programming that address the social justice issues both our organizations take on.


Some of our runners shared that reaching the finish line was the easy part: reaching the starting line though, was a much more difficult task. For about 5 months, those who joined our team took part in weekly trainings which consisted mostly of 3 weekday runs of 3-7 miles, concluding with a long run on the weekend (up to 20 miles). Long runs varied, from running loops around the Rose Bowl, to running from our own homes to the next city and back. Our team consisted of over 30 dedicated runners, and by the end of the marathon, we calculated that our team ran a staggering 733.6 miles together!

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Our fundraising efforts were amazing. In the span of a few months, we were able to raise over $11,000, which will be evenly split between APIOPA and TCSC. With these extra funds, APIOPA can move forward
with its Asian community-supported agriculture system, which connects local Asian farmers with
local API communities. Find out more about how we are planning on making organic Asian produce
affordable for all here: Similarly, TCSC can now move forward on starting another round of Tongan language classes, aimed to preserve Tongan traditions and culture.
Find out more about how TCSC is advocating for the Tongan community here:

It’s not too late to donate to our causes!  Please visit our fundraising site here.


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