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About Us


To empower Asian and Pacific Islander (API) communities to improve their health by proactively addressing social, cultural, environmental, and political factors that contribute to the growing rates of obesity among API residents in Los Angeles County.


About SSG

The Asian and Pacific Islander Obesity Prevention Alliance (APIOPA) is a division of Special Service for Groups. SSG is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization that provides community-based solutions, encouraging community involvement and self-sufficiency, to the social and economic issues facing those in greatest need. SSG serves as a bridge between people with common needs across traditional ethnic, racial, and other cultural boundaries to identify ways to pool resources by developing and managing programs which serve our many communities.

APIOPA Interns Steering Committee


Disaggregated API Data

In 2007, the California Physical Fitness Testing Program collected disaggregated API ethnic data among 5th, 7th, and 9th graders. At seeing this, Sanaa Shabbir, a UCLA MPH candidate and Los Angeles County Department of Public Health intern, partnered with APIOPA to analyze and report her findings on API childhood obesity in Los Angeles County. In November 2008, Sanaa presented her research to representatives from public entities and community organizations all over Los Angeles County. Her research revealed overwhelming obesity incidence in Pacific Islander and South Asian communities specifically. Sanaa’s findings will be used to guide future obesity prevention projects.


  • AANHPI Health Initiative with DPH

    AANHPI Health Initiative with DPH

    Active Living, Current Programs, Healthy Eating, Pacific Islanders

  • APIs and Access to Nature

    APIs and Access to Nature

    Active Living, Current Programs, Environmental Health

  • Asian Pacific Diabetes Coalition

    Asian Pacific Diabetes Coalition

    Active Living, Current Programs, Healthy Eating

  • Bike to China

    Bike to China

    Active Living, Past Programs

  • Bike to Japan

    Bike to Japan

    Active Living, Past Programs

  • Community Gardens

    Community Gardens

    Healthy Eating, Past Programs

  • Community Safety

    Community Safety

    Active Living, Current Programs, Pacific Islanders

  • Environmental Justice: Air and Noise Pollution Work

    Environmental Justice: Air and Noise Pollution Work

    Current Programs, Environmental Health

  • Faith Advisory Board

    Faith Advisory Board

    Active Living, Current Programs, Healthy Eating, Pacific Islanders

  • Fresh HiFi

    Fresh HiFi

    Current Programs, Healthy Eating

  • Rethink Your (Asian) Drink

    Rethink Your (Asian) Drink

    Current Programs, Healthy Eating

  • Roots CSA

    Roots CSA

    Current Programs, Environmental Health, Healthy Eating

  • Safe Active Family Environments (SAFE)

    Safe Active Family Environments (SAFE)

    Active Living, Pacific Islanders

  • Walking Trails

    Walking Trails

    Active Living, Past Programs, Programs


Here is our growing collection of resources that pertain specifically to Asians and Pacific Islanders. We are in the process of renaming the files so they will be easily accessible. Some files are available in-language (it will be in the name of the file).

Contact Us

Asian and Pacific Islander Obesity Prevention Alliance (APIOPA)

905 East 8th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Phone: (213) 553-8491
Fax: (213) 553-1822

Staff Directory

Scott Chan – Program Director
Phone: (213) 553-8491

Ailene Ignacio – Community Healthy Liason
Phone: (213) 553-9396

Kyle Tsukahira – Program Coordinator
Phone: (626) 872-4801

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